Posted by: GravatarWon'tDeleteMyAccount | December 19, 2008

Cheeseburger Brown: The Christmas Robots

So John Sundman, author of Acts of the Apostles (blogged about here) has recently released an HTML version of his next work, The Pains, a collaborative work with Cheeseburger Brown, but I’m waiting until the pdf version comes out, just because I’m not a big fan of reading out of my browser. But in the meantime, I was scouting out Brown’s website and stumbled across his Christmas story for this year, a brief novella in twelve chapters called The Christmas Robots.

It doesn’t take too long to read, now that it’s fully posted to the net. It was serialized, one chapter a day (though not the twelve days of Christmas, otherwise we wouldn’t have it yet. Obviously.). It’s not complicated, but it is innovative. It’s imaginative, and fun, and a great introduction to Cheeseburger Brown’s many, many other stories on there.

Now strictly speaking, they aren’t released under a creative commons license. But given that you can read the stories for free on his website, I contacted him to ask his opinion on the whole licensing issue was for this story. Long story short, he’s been meaning to cc-license them for two years now, and will try to get to it in the spring. In the meantime, feel free to disseminate the links to the stories, and if you repost them, do it with attribution, which I think is only decent. But then, if everyone were decent, we wouldn’t need laws at all, would we?

For my next post I’ll be reading his book The Bikes of New York, which he provides online at his website in HTML form, and he has given me the green light to disseminate a pdf of the same, which I’ll link to next post. Hopefully I’ll get that up before Christmas, but if not, a Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, and a Merry Day Off to everyone who just doesn’t have to go to work. And a I’m Very Sorry To Hear That to anyone who has to work on that day, too.

Keep reading, keep writing.


p.s. — He drew the ‘cover’ image above too, which, like everything else he’s made, is copyrighted to the author (though he gives you permission to use them non-commerically if you ask). Visit his website at


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